"Boxcar" at the Tank

In a few week’s time, I’ll be opening a new play at the Tank theater in midtown: Boxcar, written by Corbin Went and directed by Emma Went. I’ll be appearing in the show alongside Sarah Keyes, Finn Kilgore, and Travis Staton-Morrero. Our SM is Rafaella Rossi, and our producer is Daniella Benavides. Our set designer is John Bondi, our lighting designer is Chris D’Angelo, and our sound designer is Anna Libby Grossman.

Please do go to the Tank’s webpage about the show, from which you can buy your tickets, here! Also get in on the Facebook event for the play here. About the play:

Firefly and Ida, cosmic couple, and Geraldo, a burnout musician, lead a life on the rails. From an early age, Firefly and Ida have hopped trains across the country, content with trading security for absolute freedom, the power to be anything and believe anything. As the balance tips and the couple realize they have been traveling longer than they have ever stayed put, Ida finds herself searching for the meaning of this life she has written and rewritten.
When teen runaway Alexis jumps onto the train late one night, she reignites Ida’s chaotic passion. As the train rattles westward, towards the Pacific and a tiny town on the cliffs above the ocean, all the travelers must contend with the selfishness of liberty. Boxcar blends intimacy and poetry, gender and power, truth and more than truth, all set against the vastness of the American landscape.

The group of people that have been working to bring this show to life is absolutely amazing, and I feel ridiculously proud to have had the chance to help them along the way. Don’t miss it! Boxcar will be at the Tank from January 21st to the 30th.

Reading "The Michigan Assassin"

    Stanley Ketchel, right, boxing with opponent Billy Papke (1908) 

  Stanley Ketchel, right, boxing with opponent Billy Papke (1908) 

Just before the holiday season kicked off, I was a part of Ridley Creek Productions' equity reading of the new play The Michigan Assassin! The new play, written by Matt McKenna, was directed by Ed Renninger. Our SM was Craig Rosenthal, and we were up on the 18th, 19th and 20th of December.

The cast included the very awesome Austin Archer*, Mike Backes*, Amanda Bailey*, Greg Bell, Alexander D Carney*, Carl Clemons-Hopkins*, Mark A. Keeton*, Caitlin McColl*, Michael Brian Ogden*, Jon L Peacock, Tom Paolino, Alana Rader*, Brandon Alan Smith, Edward Tolve*, Matthew Tyler, Michelle Vezlij*, and myself! The play is an epic about the life and times of turn-of-the-century boxer Stanley Ketchel, so nicknamed "The Michigan Assassin" over the course of his fighting career. Most all of us played multiple characters, including myself - though my biggest hand in Ketchel's story was as Goldie Hurtz, one half of a proto-Bonnie and Clyde team looking to fleece the famous boxer of his winnings. 

(* denotes a member of Actor's Equity Association)