The Tank in NYC presents Corbin Went's Boxcar, January 21st through 30th 2016. Directed by Emma Rosa Went. Featuring Olivia Rose Barresi, Sarah Keyes, Finn Kilgore, and Travis Staton-Morrero.

Firefly and Ida, cosmic couple, and Geraldo, a burnout musician, lead a life on the rails. From an early age, Firefly and Ida have hopped trains across the country - but as the couple realize they have been traveling longer than they have ever stayed put, Ida finds herself searching for the meaning of this life she has written and rewritten. Teen runaway Alexis jumps onto the train late one night, and reignites Ida's chaotic passion.

The train rattles westward, towards the Pacific and a tiny town on the cliffs above the ocean, and all the travelers must contend with the selfishness of liberty. Boxcar blends intimacy and poetry, gender and power, truth and more than truth, all set against the vastness of the American landscape.

Watch a clip of Boxcar's opening scene on this website's Video page.