The Michigan Assassin

    Stanley Ketchel, right, boxing with opponent Billy Papke (1908) 

A reading from Ridley Creek Productions. Written by Matt McKenna, and directed by Ed Renninger. Presented at the John Desotelle Studio in NYC on 18th, 19th and 20th of December, 2015.

An epic about the life and times of turn-of-the-century boxer Stanley Ketchel, so nicknamed "The Michigan Assassin" over the course of his fighting career. Featuring Austin Archer*, Mike Backes*, Amanda Bailey*, Greg Bell, Alexander D Carney*, Carl Clemons-Hopkins*, Mark A. Keeton*, Caitlin McColl*, Michael Brian Ogden*, Jon L Peacock, Tom Paolino, Alana Rader*, Brandon Alan Smith, Edward Tolve*, Matthew Tyler, Michelle Vezlij*, and Olivia Rose Barresi.